The inspiration for my art can be found in the profound mystery of the ocean, on the limits of the imagination, and provocation of the constant presence of Eros, in endless and delicate emotions.

Although I am well aware of the omnipresent Thanatos, dark energy, all my works express the hope and the joy of living, and so the idea is to open one’s eyes to a positive future. For me, the  destructive Thanatos, along with the vital energy of Eros, form the world’s balance; reassuring us  that everything will be reborn again and again.

This is clearly visible in the use of forms and colors in my works, where the humanoid shapes emerge from obscurity to materialize themselves in lighter and clearer tones, entering the kingdom of light, creating that perfect chaos where the word “End” itself cannot survive.

Painting for me is equivalent to a journey through characters, personalities and beauty in all aspects: movements, scents, colors, feelings and emotions that have always been a source of inspiration in my work.

I feel driven by the desire to touch and feel lightness, revealing and concealing at the same time my true soul, creating a kind of innovative primitivism.

I like to imagine that people in front of my works pose questions to themselves and that there may be different answers, as many as there are different personalities. In this way, art remains in constant motion.


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